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Instant Water Heater Protek


The Protek combines the warming assurance of 707’s heritage with the cool sophistication of modern heater design. This feature-rich unit delivers impressive safety performance, featured with Earth Leaking Sensing Device, overheat warning, and anti-scald protection. It also houses a distinctive massage shower-head to create an instantly pleasurable shower for you and your family.

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Instant Water Heater Kingston with Rain Shower


Indulge in a lavish shower with the 707 Kingston, featuring the 11-inch wide HydroSpa Ace Rain Shower Set and the Inverter DC Booster Pump. Sophistically equipped with the Earth Leakage Sensing Device, Double Safety Anti-Scald Protection and the Overheat Indicator, the 707 Kingston is truly a class of its own, offering an optimum shower experience for your family.

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Multi-Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner VCC2000

$129.00 $99.00

Cleaning is a breeze with this high performance 707 VCC2000 Multi-Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner. Built with high suction power multi-cyclonic technology, it delivers excellent cleaning results. The dust canister has a quick release feature designed for mess-free and easy disposal.

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Micro Pressure Oven MPO2610

$799.00 $699.00

Experience revolutionary cooking with 707 All-in-1 Micro Pressure Oven. It incorporates micro pressure cooking technology into conventional oven to achieve faster cooking and tastier meals. This micro pressure cooking technology significantly improves heat efficiency and shorten the cooking time. It also enhances the flavour by retaining the moisture in the food. With 707 micro pressure oven, you can steam, bake, toast, roast and broil all your meals to perfection!

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Instant Water Heater Queenston


The Queenston is designed with you in mind, this state-of-the-art digital shower heater features an innovative heating technology, touch sensor controls and multi-level anti-scald safety system. Complementing Queenston is 707’s luxurious massage shower set, designed to transform and elevate your shower experience in modern living.

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Rain Shower Set Hydro-spa Luxe


707 HydroSpa Luxe Rain Shower Set features an 8-inch luxurious rain shower head and a 3-way chrome face massage hand shower. Incorporated with the durable brass diverter, 707 HydroSpa Luxe is truly designed to transform and elevate your shower experience in modern living

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Storage Water Heater Close-up15

$549.00 $498.00

Meticulously built with the finest materials, the Holland-made Close-up15 fully exhibits our pledge for quality. The high-quality copper tank is corrosion resistant, prolonging the lifespan and improving the heating efficiency. With the compact and geometrically shaped exterior, Close-up15 well-matches the design and space constraints of every bathroom.

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Induction Cooker IDC2130


The 707 IDC2130 induction cooker is the safest and fastest way to prepare a meal. The induction cooker comes with 8 cooking programs and you can prepare variety of food for your family in short order. Enjoy more flexibility and control in your meal preparation with the timer and preset function.

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