About 707

The Brand Everyone Trusts

707 is a proud home-grown water heater and home appliances brand with a strong focus on family and personal wellbeing. After more than 50 years in the market, 707 has established a reputation for reliability, trustworthiness and safety, and is the preferred brand for residential water heaters amongst Singaporean families.

707 My Family Heater

We are specialists in heating water and everything else that goes with ensuring a great shower experience for the whole family. Our instant water heater and storage water heater are meticulously designed and manufactured to be:
  • Effective – Responsive with multiple features to suits everyone’s needs
  • Efficient – Great energy and water saving ratings
  • Reliable – Consistent and robust performance for a long duration of time
  • Safe – Top certifications in appliance safety
We are proud to silently be part of so many families as they go about their daily lives, generation after generation. And we wish no more than to be part of yours too.